About Our Market
The Corner Market is a Greensboro farmers market all about feeding people and building community. We promote local economic development and social connectivity by cultivating a community-run marketplace that allows customers direct interaction with local growers, makers and bakers. We've been a community based market since 2013, located at Greensboro's most colorful Corner!
Greensboro Farmers Market - Produce

Fresh Produce

Featuring a wide variety of local and organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, greens and more, our growers bring you the best of the season each week. CSAs are available.

Greensboro Farmers Market - Meat

Meat, & Poultry and Seafood

Whether you are looking for naturally raised beef, chicken, duck, turkey, pork or NC caught seafood, we can fill the bill. Talk directly with the farmers who raise your meats and you will find their passion inspiring. Eggs (chicken, duck, and often others!) and dairy items are also regularly available.

Greensboro Farmers Market - Artists

Local Artisans

We proudly support artisans of all levels. Our market regularly features professional potters, woodworkers, jewelers and soap makers as well as those just starting out or knitting as a hobby. We believe, like food, that art is a wonderful way to connect and grow a community.

Greensboro Farmers Market - Baked Goods

Prepared Foods and Baked Goods

Some Saturdays, it is nice to come home from market with dinner or dessert already prepared. (Okay, every Saturday!) Bring home ready-to-heat or already cooked meals and baked goods (our gluten-free selections are amazing) and take it easy this weekend!

Visit us this Saturday from 8-11 am at the corner of Walker and South Elam Avenues (2200 Walker Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27403) in the Sticks and Stones parking lot.

Easily access our market via GTA bus routes: