Who We Are

What started as three farmers with tents in April of 2013, has now grown to include fill the parking lot of Sticks and Stones with growers, makers and bakers! The market is the brainchild of Stephen Johnson, urban farmer and proprietor of Elam Gardens just a block away from the Corner. He contacted Mike Faucette, 4th generation farmer and meat guy Bobby Coltrane to round out the initial offering. Neil Reitzel, owner of Sticks and Stones, was already purchasing local produce from the trio and offered up the parking lot for a Saturday morning market. By fall, the market had expanded to a dozen or so vendors, many of whom still share the space today. As of our seventh birthday in April of 2020, our market regularly features 30-40 vendors!

Become a Vendor!

We can’t wait to see what you bring to market!

We welcome vendors of any size to set up a table at the market as space allows. Whether you have a 40-acre farm or 14 tomatoes from your backyard, you are welcome. We have professional artisans who set up next to a child’s origami table. On any given day you might find boy scouts selling Brunswick stew or the bounty of Lindley Elementary school garden. ¬†Our market reflects the diversity and dreams of our neighbors and we are proud to offer a place to all who wish to enter the marketplace. We can’t wait to see what you bring to market!

If you are interested in vending, please contact our market coordinator, Kathy Newsom, kathy@cornermarketgso.com