Advance Ordering Program

Order the items you love, directly from your favorite vendors, pull up Saturday morning between 8-11 am and we’ll load it into your car. You’ll know the items you need will be waiting for you and you’ll be keeping yourself and your community a little safer. Even vendors who are currently not setting up at the market are offering this service. Thank you for supporting your vendors and community by taking advantage of this free service!

PLEASE NOTE! The Corner Pick Up has re-located to the First Moravian Church at 304 S Elam St, just three blocks from the market heading towards Market Street. And remember, both The Corner Farmers Market and Bestway will be open if you need to grab other items.

Order EARLY for the best selection. (Most vendors need orders in by end of day Thursday or earlier.) Be sure to let our staff know the names of all the vendors you’ve placed orders with, orders are arranged by vendor name not customer name. One easy way to be sure not to miss an order is to hand the market runner a list with your name, and every vendor you’ve ordered from so they can check them off as they pull your orders.

We will not release any orders prior to 8 am. Orders not retrieved by eleven will go home with the vendor, so contact them directly if you are unable to pick up.

Produce, eggs, meat

Faucette Farms

Local and certified organic produce, eggs, and pantry items.

Inventory and pricing are listed on the website and online ordering is available.
CSA customers are encouraged to pre-order online also.


Orders must be in by Thursday morning by 9am.

Coltrane Farms

Chicken, beef, pork, produce and prepared foods

Orders can be placed by email or phone.

336 451 1784

Available items:  Chicken Breast and Tenders are $14.50 for a 3-pound package. Chicken Thighs are $14.25 for a 3-pound package. Ribeye Steaks are $16.99 per pound, size varies, most are in around two-pound packs. Ground beef, $7.00 per pack, buy 5 get one free. Short ribs $6.00 per pound, size varies.

Salsa hot $7.00 per pint. Tomato Juice $8.00 per quart.

Brunswick stew $7.99 per quart. Tomatoes $2.99 per pound, min. two pounds.

All orders must be in by noon Thursday to be processed.

Elam Gardens




New Pasture Farms

Raw Milk, Raw yogurt/kefir, Bone Broth, Beet Kvass, Sauerkrauts, Kimchis, Grassfed Beef, Pastured Pork


(NOTE: Because of volume, New Pasture pick-ups are done on the Walker Ave side of the market,

right beside Emma Keys)

KW Homestead

Pastured chicken, duck, duck eggs and edible nursery plants

Visit this link

for inventory and ordering information.

 We will respond with a confirmation and then send a PayPal invoice. Orders must be placed via email by 5pm on Thursday, invoices will be sent out on Friday morning, and all invoices must be paid by 5pm on Friday.

Anders Family Farm

Pesticide free hydroponic lettuce varieties and herbs.

See our full offerings on our website at:

Place orders with Mark by phone or text message at 336 403 9420.
Payment by credit/debit, Apple Pay or Venmo accepted.

Eliana’s Garden

Frozen pork (mild & hot sausage, chorizo, andoullie, garlic bratwurst, ribs, fat back, leaf fat, ground & stew meat).

Eggs. Elderberry syrup and salt grinders.


Derber Greens

Farmstand Blend of microgreens. Please see website for photo and description.
5 inch clamshell – $5.00        8 1/2 clamshell – $15

Well Rooted Farm

Seasonal vegetables and fresh cut flowers grown on our farm in Madison, NC.

The Original Fruitickler

Accepting pre-orders for seasonal fruit. Text or call Linda


Prepared Foods

The Goat Lady Dairy

A wide variety of award-winning goat cheeses are available for pre-order

Customers can preorder and prepay at

Be sure to select The Corner Farmers Market as your pick up location.

Questions? Text Denise at 336 706 1938.

Dal Maso Artisan Pasta

Italian cuisine including: Eggplant Parmesan, Broccoli Lasagna, Mushroom Lasagna, Marinara Sauce, Mushroom Sauce, Fettuccine

Contact Marco



Sofrito, 12oz’s for $12. Cheese and Guava flan, cheese flan, chocolate hazelnut and chocolate explosion.

Contact Yajaira


Taking orders through Wednesday.

GGs Best

Sauces and dressings


SAUCES: Fra Diavolo, marinara, meat, mushroom, onion/garlic & tomato basil.

QTS: $11/ea; 2/$20; 3/$25, PINTS: $7/ea; 4/$25

DRESSINGS: (12oz bottles) Apple cider vinaigrette, balsamic vinaigrette, habanero honey mustard, red wine vinaigrette & sesame ginger vinaigrette $8/ea; 2/$15; 3/$20

Marvida Acres


for full inventory of baby food and snack pouches ($4 each or 3 for $10)


Invoices will be issued that can be paid with a credit card online before pick up.

Fireweed Coffee

Locally roasted whole coffee beans and cold brew by the half gallon

Contact Wess


(336) 365-4731

Mom and Daughter Shop

Order Sudanese prepared foods like eggplant spread, hummus, tomato salad, baklava and more

Ms. Linda’s Pimento and Cheese

Regular Pimento and Cheese 8 oz Containers $5.00

Hot Pimento and Cheese 8 oz Containers $6.00

Spinach Quiche $3.00

Stuffed Dill Pickles with Pimento and Cheese $3.00

seasoned oyster crackers $2.50 for 8oz or $5.00 for 16 oz

Cheese Wafers $9.00 for 16 oz.

 (336) 501-6808

Loboko ya Mboka

Congolese Ginger juice: $5.00

Contact Eugenie call or txt (336) 450-8092 or (336) 898-2733

Payment by cash app or Venmo only via phone

Susan’s Table

Kombucha, water kefir, sourdough bread (text or email for product/pricing info)

Contact Susan


Can be paid through PayPal or Venmo or via phone by credit card/square


Mediterranean prepared foods, full menu and online ordering for Corner Pick-Up


Bread and baked goods

The Bagel Guy

Bakery fresh bagels and breads

Contact Chad  



Payments processed over phone or invoice. Visit the facebook page for inventory and payment directions. Minimum $5.

French Artisan Bread (FAB)

Bakery fresh French style breads and pastries

Contact Julien at the bakery and leave a message.

Bakery staff will return the message and take payment to confirm order.


Wallflour Bakery

Gluten-free, vegan, all natural “made-to-order baked goods for every belly!”

Back by popular demand!

Check out the menu and contact Allison via her website


Supplements and cleaning supplies

Blessed by Elderberries

Pre-order items:  Elderberry Syrup 8oz, 16oz, 32oz, DIY Elderberry syrup bags

Contact Kristen


Use the code “cornermarket” to bypass shipping as well as leave a note that you will be picking up at the market.

Donna’s Delights

Soaps, cleaners, personal hygiene

Products listed on Facebook,

Contact Donna via FB page to place orders by Friday at noon.


Pure Wellness

Essential oil based body, home and pet products

Contact Laurie



Kindred Soul Botanicals


Order via email

Order by Thursday at 5pm.

All forms of payment accepted.

Pet Food

Pet Wants Greensboro NW

Dog food, treats and grooming


Place note in comment section, “corner market”


Art and other happiness

Madebymelz Handmade Jewelry

Contact Melanie



Painting Poppy

fine art by Kelly Taylor

Pottery by Ray

Pottery, both utilitarian and decorative pieces

Contact Ray


Red Dragon Delights

Crochet creations 

Contact Kathryn


Payment through Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, and over the phone with Square.

The Repurposed Garden

Garden flowers crafted from vintage glassware

Contact Becky


The Bug and the Bear

check out our inventory of botanical jewelry items on Etsy