Supporting The Corner Market’s Green for Greens
This is a VERY important program for us. We work to double the food purchasing power of folks who receive SNAP/EBT or are part of the Guilford Community Care Network’s Orange Card program.

This fund allows us to DOUBLE the food budget of folks receiving these benefits, adding as much as an extra $30 per week to be spent on healthy, locally made or grown foods.

Not only does your contribution to this fund DIRECTLY help people add to their food dollars, the dollars will be spent at a local market which will help support local growers and bakers – DOUBLE the IMPACT for the same dollars!

The funds we raise here are used to run this program at both The Corner Market and The Grove Street People’s Market.

Please Contribute through our Square Page


Thank you for kind support for the market community.

Kathy Newsom

Market Coordinator

Currently financial support for the market is NOT tax deductible. It is something we are working on and we appreciate your support even more!

PS ……..

If you are interested in supporting our other programs we run at the market, you can also contribute at our Square Website .

Vendor Enrichment Fund

Helping support our vendors to develop the skills and resources needed to build their businesses. Part of our work to be more than a space but a community project that works to build our local community.

Market Support Fund

We do not currently receive any federal, state or local grants to support our endeavor so your help is greatly appreciated.